19 October 2015

Beer's Canadian Election Prediction 2015

Only a sadist, or a masochist if you have been a spectator rather than a participant, could have gotten any pleasure from this year's long campaign. If Harper and his many boot lickers are not pushed with force out our country's Parliament's doors I may well drink myself straight to Hell tonight. A most unhappy death that would be.

I would make a prediction but the fluidity of Quebec's important part in this election makes  predictions next to impossible. I am, however, hoping for a Liberal minority. My country loves the sleazy fucking pukes.

Sleazy Fucking Pukes - 143
Harper's Cunts - 120
Future People's Motherfucking Republic of Canada - 69
Parties No One But Fucking Hippies and Guy Lafleur Care About - the rest

1 comment:

RossK said...

Nevermind that piker Lafleur...I wanna know which gang Newsy Lalonde cares about.