21 October 2015

It's Over

Well, after 11 weeks of sawmill work and lending what energy I have left after that to the people and the party I like it is over. Queue up some Roy Orbison, motherfuckers.

The people of Canada chose that fuckwad Trudeau and his party as the vehicle to replace the very strange man we have elected to lead us for a decade instead of my guy Mulcair. Hopefully the fuckwad does ok.  Optimistically, I expect the calls for his head to be chopped off to become deafening before farmers plant their crops next year.

Me? I'll give the fuckwad some time. Time enough for his true philosophy to spill out. Time enough to shine up the guillotine. Time to savour the very strange man's defeat.

Good on you Canada. Better to get it part right than all wrong. And (oh, yeah) fuck you Wayne Gretzky for your endorsement of the very strange man. No wonder no one calls you Mr. Hockey.


karen said...

All I could think last night was, "well, fuck."

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Perhaps I should have felt defeated last night but I did not. It is not easy getting by the Royal political families and the Trudeaus have joined the list of such families now. God Save Queen Margaret!

Your driver said...

Americans love, L-U-V, your Trudeau. Most of us don't even know that there was a candidate to the left of him. We're just stunned to see a politician who is not an obviously creepy person. We've got Mr. Sanders and I like him but he's not exactly glamorous.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Canadians and American love our Royal families. As if we were horses people figure if you mate the best with the best you will get the best.