15 October 2015


Getting involved in an election campaign, or even paying much attention to a party or the election itself, gives you a different perspective on your country. Depending on who you pay attention to you can find yourself thinking Canada is going straight to either Heaven or Hell in a matter of seconds.

No matter what the result of the election is however, on Tuesday the line-up at the donut shop will be just as long, the traffic on the highway as screwed up as ever, the price of food in the supermarket just as high.

Be nice if the Canadian bombs stop dropping in the Middle East, if not on Tuesday, then soon thereafter. Be nice if marijuana prohibition comes to an end. Be nice if a lot of shit starts happening that has not been happening since the Conservatives and their conservative Liberal predecessors stopped running our country for the Canadians I talk to every day.

Be nice if Stephen Harper and a goodly number of his cabinet ministers get put on Parliament's backbench or fuck off and die.


Danneau said...

When the Cons leave the government benches, they should take a seat in the prisoners' dock for the frauds perpetrated on their citizenry. No worries about current legislation, we can cook up some version of Steve's retroactive enabling to pin them all on our butterfly wall.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

No need to imprison anybody. Knowing their grandchildren will soon be smoking pot with junkies and whores in kindergarten ought to be enough to make every true blue Conservative turn blue and save us taxpayers the cost of keeping them out of the public eye.

istvan said...

Love that comment Beer.