9 August 2015

Weed in the Glove Box, Whisky in a Sack

I am from another planet. A planet that used to buy records, 8-tracks, cassettes and compact discs. A planet that made mix tapes in the night and played them the next morning drinking coffee and smoking weed to see how they had done.

I still do all that shit except for the weed smoking. Hope the weed is good in the old dears' home if that should be my fate later this century. I think I will want it again, want to visit the Hall of the Mountain Grill again, when I cannot get out as much as I would like.

Latest addition to my music collection is Buddy Guy's new record. Listened to it several times in the car since I bought it at London Drugs a few days ago. Better by far than anything you have listened to this year.

Highlight for me is the last song, a call for Muddy Waters to come back from the dead, pick up his guitar, sit down on his stool and sing. Get back into his Cadillac (same car I drive), the one with weed in the glove box and a hidden bottle of whisky in a sack.

Go fucking buy it you weed smoking, whisky drinking, blues loving motherfuckers.


Danneau said...

First heard BG on a Sam Charters compilation playing with Junior Wells, then saw him several times around the Bay Area, then again in Vancouver. Pretty amazing player as he nears 80 years old. Thing is, regardless of age, he's just damn good. And since you've told me to do so, I will go out forthwith and buy this installment. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Beer - The missus and I just came back from a road trip where we ended up at the Magic City Blues Fest in Billings Mt. Buddy Guy was the closing act on the Friday night. It had been his 79th birthday the day before (and my 57th B-day) so the crowd sang Happy Birthday to him. He played for 100 minutes and can still rip it up with the best of them. Oh yeah, he also said twenty years ago he would never had cussed on stage but with all the hip-hop artists cussing, he can now fucking cuss as much as he wants.

mr perfect

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

There's some polish on Buddy's latest -"Born to Play the Guitar" - polish all over everything except the guitar playing which is as dirty as a barnyard fuck.

motorcycleguy said...

still not used to carrying a passport...was annoyed I couldn't go see Buddy Guy and Jonny Lang play Colville, Washington 2 years ago....spend a fair amount of summer time in the Grand Forks area and that is a great route to come home on to boot

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I have never seen Buddy live. Like my blues more on records for some reason.
Never been to Colville.
Never got east of Kettle Falls along that great American highway.
I have missed out on some mighty big shit in my time.

Grand Forks used to have the coolest motherfucking mayor in Canada. I am not so sure about the new guy.

motorcycleguy said...

yeah...truly is a great ride thru there....northeast Washington, western Idaho, south to the desert of eastern Oregon...almost the best small towns in the world....glad they've included them in Cascadia