23 July 2015

Welcome Back to 1984

Not many had a sharper eye for the shit governments pull than George Orwell. Just gave "1984" another read. Greatest novel of the 20th century if you ask me.

The Ministry of Truth is still alive all these years later.

The police are your friend. Our enemy is your enemy. The medical system gets better and better. The environment could not be more pristine.

Endless fucking bullshit.

Canada, my friends, is in an economic recession. Just like others we have experienced. Our Finance Minister, however, is not so sure about that.

"Fuck the numbers!" he would say if he were permitted to use plain language. "The economy has never been in better shape."

The Ministry of Truth, as ever, needs but one spark to improve its performance. That and a fucking match.


Unknown said...

I heard on CBC today that there is a government memo syaing that the Foreign Affairs minister, or whoever, needs three talking points per day about terrorism. Taken from the news, the instruction was, and up until the coming election. Fear, 9/11, bullshit.

So Beer you're right about the propaganda and so much else.

Also heard that Mulcair is willing to form a coalition with the liberals to take down Harper.

Liberals say no again ... they smell power and probably will have the backers who used to support the Conservatives, the backers who actually run the show. Time to change the sets, the actors, but not the script.

Not much of a NDP fan either because of their support for recent aggressive wars (are there any other kind).

But at least those two, Mulcair and Trudeau, seem to have a basic idea of what this country really is, was and should be.

Also note that the Cons looking bad right now is a strategy that worked for BC liberals too, polls that say the incumbent is going down. Makes them work harder to get out the vote and the challengers slack off thinking it's in the bag.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Providing parliamentary support to an NDP minority government will be something new for the Liberals, should they elect to do so. So long as their leader makes legalization of the mighty cabbage one of the conditions of its support we ought to have a fine few years ahead. First things first however. The Conservatives need to see on Election Day just how far out of touch they are with Canadians and how disappointed we are in their dull, ineffective performance.