26 July 2015

Jimi, Floyd and the Ramones

I fucking love rock 'n' roll music. (Got Nazareth's Greatest hits entertaining the neighbourhood at the moment.) So I notice things of a musical nature that might escape people who listen to other forms of music or the rarest motherfuckers of all: people who do not love music at all.

Sonja and I were out doing our shopping today. In one store I noticed someone wearing a "Dark Side of the Moon" t-shirt and someone else wearing a Hendrix one. The music of my stoned as Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix rolled into one high school parking lot.

In another store it is déjà fucking vu. Mom in a Hendrix t-shirt, her daughter rocking "Dark Side of the Moon." Had to ask myself, "What the fuck is going on here?" A preference for Freedom perhaps? Or maybe everybody is just plain Stone Crazy?

In yet another store a five year old boy was wearing a Ramone's t-shirt. Always knew those rock 'n' roll motherfuckers were going to have legs. Been 40 years since their first record kicked us square in the fucking head - pretty safe to assume the Ramones are going to be listened to as long as Beethoven.

Sonja and I? A DOA girlie t and a vintage Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers number. If you ain't punk rock trippin' you ain't livin', motherfuckers.

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