20 July 2015

Easy Rider

It is hard not to let up on your dog's activities when they are not doing as good as you are used to them doing. Just like a horse, you cannot leave them in the barn all fucking day.

The Hammer was laying there when I got home from the racetrack yesterday not looking as happy as she usually does. I knew what to do.

"You bored sweetie?" I asked her as I got together her harness, treats, shit bags and few beer for me. Just getting out the harness raised her spirits. Only use that when we are going in the car. Put her in the car, rolled down the window on her side and off we went.

Nearer to home she tends to lag behind me now on the trail but not here in one of her favourite places to run around. She stayed ahead, looking back every so often to make sure I had not reversed course on her. Instead of turning around to keep her walk short we continued on to a bend in the creek where there is a deep pool even when water levels are as low as they are now.

She swam across the pool. Got out on the other side. Sniffed around and swam back. Got out all happy as a child learning he has been born into a rich fucker's family.

She returned to the water once more for a brief paddle before we headed back to the car where the wind blew through her wet fur like it did through Billy and Captain America's hair in "Easy Rider."

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