15 June 2015

Sundown Lake Early In the Morning

Took the Hammer to Sundown Lake this morning.


Real early.

Before the beach crowd, which is short on love for dogs sharing their beach, showed up with their pails, shovels and shit.

Sundown Lake was where Sonja and I first took the Hammer once we got her home from the farm she had waited patiently for us to come and fall in love with her. Been there lots since too. She was happy as a dog can be once we had escaped the highway sun and disappeared into the shade of the surrounding mountains she recognizes so well.

I took photos of her swimming and dancing in the cold water, clear as any you will find in Canada.

"Having fun sweetie?" I asked.

She shook approvingly.

Hope I get to do the shit I like doing when I am on my way out too.

A couple cold beers on the same beach would work.

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