16 June 2015

Mambo Sun

My life's a shadowless horse
If I can't get across to you
In the alligator rain
My heart's all pain for you

- Mambo Sun
 T Rex

Watched a movie on the Bravo channel on the weekend. Liam Neeson number. Violent as a slow Surrey Saturday night.

During station breaks Bravo were promoting some future programming of theirs. Shit I will never watch. Nice they used T Rex's "Mambo Sun" as the music for the spot though. Proper rock 'n' roll that. 

Electric Warrior. Old school that. On my television.

Will not do for the Modern World. Now you need to be an Electric Wizard. Been a fan of their's since yesterday.
Maybe 44 years from now a television network will use an Electric Wizard song in a station break. "I Love the Dead" perhaps.

The Future just might turn out to be that kind of motherfucker, motherfuckers.

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