3 June 2015

Phone Call From My Mom

"Kitty told me the Hammer is not doing so good."

It was my mom on the phone. My mom is at the top of the family news food chain. One or the other of us may miss out on what is going on with one family member or another but not my mom.

"You heard right," I told her. "She is doing ok though. We have her on dog heroin so she is floating on puppy shaped poppy clouds."

The Hammer was smiling on the floor in front of the unlit fireplace like Johnny Thunders circa 1975.

"Is she eating?"

Mothers know what is important and what is not.

"Eating and shitting like a stoned Canada goose. She is really quite happy. She knows she is not right but she does not know how not right she has gotten. She was even running around for a spell like she used to when she was younger today after work."

It was nice of my mom to phone. Everybody who has met the Hammer loves her but it is not easy finding words to express oneself when somebody's dog is sick.

"Well give her a kiss for Reggie and I."

I have been taking pictures of the Hammer. She looks great so there is nothing sad about the photographs except for their timing.

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