2 June 2015

Long Live the Hammer

The Hammer is dying.

Writing those words makes me feel better but they will not do anything for my third, my sweetest dog, the Hammer.

She is still doing alright. It is going to take some time. She is being medicated appropriately and being monitored so we are sure her euthanization does not happen later than it ought to.

Sonja and I were both saddened and surprised by what the veterinarian had to tell us. She has been doing great for a dog just entering her second decade of life.

The Hammer is a little older than the Dope City Free Press, a pup still when I wrote the first entry here December 23, 2005. I would have liked it if she were with me when I raise a glass to my computer screen to mark ten years writing this shit.

We have already begun taking her to her favourite places and sneaking her bits of her favourite food. I am thinking of taking her down to the homeless camp for one last big brown dinner. Cannot do much more than that for a sweet as good weed shit eating dog.

I was not feeling all that great about her situation, which she is facing stoically as any dog can, myself when I came home today so I put some music on. The latest Sabbath and a three cd set of a Velvets and Nico collection.

Once "Sister Ray" came on I felt alright. Lou Reed has always been there for me when I am down.


theo said...

Losing a buddy is always sad. My condolences Beer. Do her proud.

ib said...

Sorry to hear about The Hammer. From your writing here on DCFP, I feel I've gotten to know her pretty well.

Considering how much of a po faced shitheel Lou Reed could be, he and The Velvets definitely concocted some of the most efficacious Grade A therapeutic material around. As for Sabbath, "Paranoid" always dusts my broom.

chuckstraight said...

Sorry to hear this. It is very evident how much you love your dog, reading your articles.

karen said...

I'm sorry to hear this, Beer. I've lost more pets than people. I think it's harder.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Thanks everybody for your kind words.

sassy said...

I'm so sorry.

Stephanie (Van) said...

Hey Mr. H..
It's been a long time since I visited DCFP… But have been reading sporadically for a long time. Real sorry to hear about the Hammer's health trials… have definitely been there before. Real tough. Doing the fun stuff (and FOR SURE eating the yum stuff) really helps, both now (for her) and later (for you)… Dogs are so fucking special. Wishing you guys the best in a bad time… xoxo.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Thanks for the kind words. The Hammer is hanging tough and enjoying life. I find myself looking up to her. Quite simply, she is too tough to die, for now anyways.