30 May 2015

Heavy Blues

Hear about Randy Bachman's new record? Called "Heavy Blues." Heard it was fucking excellent so I bought it, in compact disc form, from my local London Drugs. They had shrunk their cd section since I was last in and expanded their record section. Pretty soon I hope some other retailers start selling records too. We may not reverse global warming until our grandchildren all fry like breakfast sausage but we have reversed the death of records and elected the NDP in Alberta so maybe anything is possible.

Played it through a few times already - in the car and the stereo at home. It is motherfucking loud. Makes "Not Fragile" - a loud and proud affair if there ever was one - sound like barefoot Anne Murray.

In the liner notes Randy recalls some advice Neil Young gave him recently. Something about approaching his art ferociously and fearlessly. It is good advice for us all.

Fucking the world for at least 60 years and counting. That is rock 'n roll. That is Bachman's "Heavy Blues."

Go fucking buy it.

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