6 June 2015

Dirty Ass Dirty South Rock 'n' Roll

A biker got smashed up pretty good on the freeway today. Given the timing of the crash I am left wondering if the crazy ass biker I have seen weaving maniacally through traffic on a daily basis got what he had coming to him. Few things in life are as predictable as sudden death.

The immediate effect of the crash on me was relatively clear sailing for my Friday drive from the fucking sawmill to home sweet home. Friday afternoon summer drive homes rarely go so well as today's did.

After taking the Hammer for a short walk at the foot of the mountain behind my place I got a beer and sat down with my stereo. Played the Drive-by Truckers' "Southern Rock Opera," all four sides worth. Drank two litres of beer while I was at it.

Dog laying there at my feet sleeping.

By the time I was done the sawmill ring in my ears had been replaced with the deafening spirit of dirty ass dirty south rock 'n roll.

Later, after Sonja and I had eaten, I returned to the stereo. Live album Television released some years after they had called it a day. Their cover of a old Rolling Stones song really got me. "Satisfaction."

I thought about drinking some whiskey before bed but I did not. Plenty of weekend left for that.


ib said...

"The Blow-Up" ? A great LP. Or double LP. Whatever.

I once came up on mushrooms listening to "Little Johnny Jewel". The Ork 45, with the song spread unevenly over both sides. Some time before it got reissued on CD as a bonus with "Marquee Moon". Somebody else had the courtesy to flip it over and allow it to play itself out. Over my head and through the ceiling. Like the sparkling of a firework.

Sometimes it is quite wise to pace oneself. As with the whiskey, I mean. I am too much of a glutton.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Yes, "The Blow Up." Television were as fucking trippy as they come.

Ray Blessin said...