8 June 2015

Saturday Night Under the Satellites of Love

Last night was what Sonja and I call a perfect night for the drive-in. Having a drive-in nearby is one of the big benefits we get for living in Steepleton. Another big one is those dumbfuck messages the people who fool the people into believing all sorts of stupid shit put on the message boards outside their churches. i.e. God knows all - just do not ask him when the Canucks are going to win the Stanley Cup.

Took a long late afternoon nap before we loaded up the car with blankets, lawn chairs, liquor and our portable stereo. Do not need anything more than that with you at the drive-in unless you are one of those Cheech and Chong medical marijuana types.

Most times we get supper someplace before we go to the drive-in but last night we overslept and decided to eat there so as to guarantee ourselves a prime spot to see the movies. Their burgers, with meat or without, were some tasty. Not unlike the old Rodeo's burgers, once Dope City's finest.

Not sure if the place sold out but there was big fucking crowd that turned out to see "San Andreas," a fair action picture, and "Entourage" which turned out be an ok, if unsuccessful picture along the lines of "Wolf of Wall Street."

Watched the first show under the stars, satellites of love spinning just a little closer to our doom-doom-doom-doomed planet. We were soon under our blanket in the cool suburban night.

Got in the car for the second show. Ate Peanut M&Ms and sipped Frangelico in our drive-in dashboard lit paradise.

Home in bed not long after the last show started. Would have been nearly 3:30 AM when it ended. By then I was dreaming of the Motherfucking Big One shaking Dope City like a drunk Newfie shakes an ugly stick with nobody from Hollywood swooping down to save us.


motorcycleguy said...

Transformer...great album...great lyrics.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Now Lou's been gone a while I have been going back to his old records and buying what bootlegs come my way as nothing official has been released, that I know of, yet. I have a post writing itself over in the Lou Reed section of my brain about getting on without the old boy.