17 May 2015

John Denver and I On A Steepleton Saturday Night

I must be getting fucking old. Staying home this Victoria Day long weekend. Nice not playing bumper cars with everybody else going to and from our favourite mountain hideaways tossing beer bottles (you are boycotting canned beer, aren't you?) out car windows into the black as a black leather jacket Canadian night. Still, I cannot help but feel like some kind of fucking Presbyterian not being out there trying to be a man and kill myself with everybody else.

Tonight it is just Sonja, the Hammer and I being entertained by John Denver. Just because we are not in the mountains does not mean we cannot get Rocky Mountain High.


motorcycleguy said...

Hear ya. Stayed around town too. Time was no matter rain, snow or sun we would never miss our May 24 ride to the Falkland Hotel and surrounding area, of course taking in the rodeo. Didn't listen to John Denver though.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Never went for rodeo much. When I was young everybody was trying to put as much distance as they could between themselves and our town's buckin' bronc rootin' tootin past. Nowadays Sonja would be sure to boycott my dick if I got near some place like a rodeo her animal loving self is not cool with.

motorcycleguy said...

Sonja has a good point that is hard to counter nowadays...but..what about those cowgirls in the beer garden? Oh..yeah...same boycott thing. Goes for me now too(no complaints). Remember being one of only two black leather jacket clad not so clean cut patrons at the big time town hall cowboy dance. While chattin' up those same cowgirls I learned that though growin' up in East Van taught me a lot....I missed the day they said not to do that in front of a roomful of those rootin' tootin' buckin' bronc ridin' cowboys you speak of after they had a few beers.