14 May 2015

Lessons From Alberta?

Notice how the usual people to get asked what lessons the BCNDP and NDPCanada may have learned from their sister party in Alberta are playing coy?

"Nothing to be learned there."

"Apples and oranges."

"One of a fucking kind."

Not real big on playing coy here at the DC Free Press.

Both the federal and BC NDP need to make it more widely known how little conservative governments and the corporate shits who all too often call the shots these days do for working people or those of us who have invested in small business. Our natural resources are not being used to boost the lives of working people or small business they way they could if the people at the top gave a shit - they do not - give less of a shit than ever in fact.

Whatever happened to putting your country, region, province, city or town ahead stuffing another few billion into a bloated corporation's sock drawer?

Our economy is not as diverse as it should be. Our economy used to have a certain measure of diversity - does not any more. And it is getting less diverse by the day. We have lost far too much of our manufacturing capacity. On the west coast out of control log exports are just one such example. Those logs could (and should!) be feeding new sawmills and extra shifts in our remaining sawmills and re-manufacturing plants.

Both provincially and federally the NDP need to look not at picking up extra seats here and there - the goal has to be taking all the seats in urban areas much as the Alberta NDP took down Edmonton, Lethbridge and Red Deer.

Women and young people, in particular, can do this for the NDP - the only political party in the country that still plays the game for people who work for a fucking living like me. They can do it by talking to their parents and grandparents. They can do it by explaining how badly our present governments are failing them.

Albertans did it right. No reason why everybody cannot do the same. No reason for anybody to support governments anywhere who have been getting it wrong for far too long.


karen said...

I like to tell people who think the loss of manufacturing is not a problem about all the saw and paper mills that have been dismantled and sent to China. We are not getting those mills back. I know about forestry-related losses, but for all I know other industries have lost physical plants too.

I am also pretty amazed at what the mucky-mucks are doing to young people. Those young people are going to be in charge when the mucky-mucks are old. I feel like abusing and grinding down the people who might be staffing the old folks homes is a really bad idea.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Seems to me the young people of our country have decided to jump the old boys who are grinding them down before they get installed in the old dears' home. It is called taking responsibility for your life, something the old boys like to ride the young for not doing.