1 May 2015

Four Strong Winds of Change in Alberta

Flew into Eddy two days ago. Turns out the Eddy NDP, who were of no little assistance in Steepleton's last provincial campaign, especially when it came to beer drinking and Hell raising once campaigning had finished up each evening, were not joking when they said they would like me to help them out in their next provincial election.

I have not been in Eddy since just after Alberta joined the promising young Confederation known as Canada. No one even had indoor plumbing in Eddy then.

Eddy has grown some since those days. Big as fuck it is now. Reminds me of a super sized Penticton with no lakes, vineyards, mountains or Anarchist breweries.

NDP are rocking this city. I am here to help the party sweep this city. Taking nothing for granted they are. Should the sweep be complete I hope Dope City will take note. Having strength in the East End is one thing, having strength in a whole motherfucking city is something else entirely.

The momentum of the NDP campaign is carrying far beyond Eddy however. Just how far it does so will determine the headlines May 6th. The incumbent Conservatives are widely discredited and the Wild Rose do not appear ready for prime time.

I will try and report further before Election Day but there is much work to do here and no shortage of beer to drink once work is finished for the day.


chuckstraight said...

Good to hear-hope it is true that Alberta goes NDP

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Some quarters have already declared the sky is about to fall should Alberta take a different political road than the pothole highway they have been driving on lately. And the sky might just be going to fall on them too but it looks like blue skies and green lights for everybody else.