27 April 2015

The Best Soap For Your Burnt Butt

Do not often recommend anybody's products here at the only Dope City press to not suck Trevor Linden's dick until it gags repeatedly each year. Feel free to check your horoscope if an Anarchist's product endorsements are not your cup of tea.

First one I would like to review positively is Dial soap for men. I have been using whatever soap Sonja wants at the sink and in the tub for decades. Saw the Dial for men on the bottom shelf at the Safeway a while back and thought I would try it. Smells good. Lasts a long time. Fuck the women's soap.

Other one is Ogopogo brand habanero "Butt Burner" mustard. Bought it in Summerland last summer. Made in West Kelowna. Hotter than Mike Duffy's shit. Seek some out next time you are in Canada's finest wine country. If you have seen it in a store around Dope City please tell me where. I am just about out.

We now return to regularly scheduled programming.


Danneau said...

Reminds me of a certain hash made in August, 1978, from leftover roast and potatoes that morphed as the string of brown bottles lengthened and the extra serranos went into the frying pan. It was only the next morning that it was dubbed the "Ring of Fire" hash.

Anonymous said...

There have been few inventions or creations like your wickedly good hash that have come to be in our fine young country without the assistance of those helpful brown bottles.