25 April 2015

Be Yourself

Watch the Bruce Jenner interview on television Friday night? What was once known as a freak show if I am not mistaken.

Now it is "Go Bruce!" Love yourself. Express yourself. Be yourself. Fuck yourself.

Things change slowly. This is for the best. When things change slowly they have a tendency to stay changed.

Not unlike what has happened with marijuana. If the laws had changed as quickly as a lot of people wanted them to decades ago we may have gone back to Prohibition by now. Better, perhaps, we have moved slowly, as slowly as the Canucks have made their way towards Stanley Cup glory, so that we might enjoy the Freedom to get high, high, high forever.


ib said...

Damn, but Blake was good.

Peter Ackroyd's biography is well worth seeking out. Assuming you have not already read it.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Back when I was trying harder to be an asshole poet than I am now I was a big fan. I really ought to return to his art and reacquaint myself with his life. Not many like him any more, is there? Patti Smith is the only such human treasure who comes to mind on this fine, snowless Canadian morning.