23 April 2015

Sliverville - The Murder City I Left Behind

I grew up in Sliverville. It was rough town but the Satan's Angels had the upper hand. If you did not fuck with them there was a good fucking chance you would not die young at anyone's hand but your own or at the controls of a motor vehicle. The bars, the streets and the bike shops - the places young people are found - were controlled by the 191.

Quite a while back now the Asshole Authourities started fucking with the Angels, by now the Hells Angels. The Angels, ever adaptable, figured the Asshole Authourities could have the fucking streets, which they knew would quickly turn chaotic without their calming presence about. Fuck the police, let them have the streets if they want them so fucking bad.

Now the streets of Sliverville are safe for no one. It is quite predictable, I believe, that the police will soon be getting murdered themselves. Shit is fucked up something serious. Fucked up seriously enough the police must surely be considering turning control of the streets back to a force capable of keeping a lid on what has become a Terror.

Hells Angels Forever indeed.


Your driver said...

On popular culture and completely irrelevant to what you just published but I'm finally going to go see The Drive By Truckers. My friend won free tickets and I thought of you. I'm still around, retired, play a little music with that same friend, trying to overthrow capitalism by helping the staff at my groovy, non profit, community oriented anti union local clinic get organized. I suppose I should write something but, you know, I used to write all the time because I was working 60 or 70 hours a week. I never got to be myself or speak my mind. I worked and I got ready to go back to work and writing was my only outlet. I miss the writing but the lonely, exhausted shit sucked. I got fired from the drug clinic and I never bothered to look for another job. Fuck it. I"m done. Still love you and I hear from Frankie the ex con all the time. He's married to a rich woman and living in Florida. Dude landed on his feet. I need to go visit Tim from Poop in the Pipes sometime soon.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

You'll be one of the few people in the DBT audience to have clear memories of the show. Have fun and good luck with that clinic.

ib said...

When I was a kid I wanted to be a Hell's Angel. Until I decided there were just too many rules.

Those Angels are so organized they put most governments to shame.