2 May 2015

Momentum in Alberta

Been around all Edmonton and most of the places a hundred miles around. Been in a few bars too. It is not like B.C. There's poverty here but not much. Average household income is not much lower than the Prime Minister's. Have yet to see my first homeless person.

And yet the prevailing feeling is that the fucking government has to go. Here's a sampling of some things I have heard from people.

"Arrogant they are. Arrogant pricks!"

"They are so out of touch with regular Albertans they couldn't find us with a fucking telescope."

"I don't know much about politics but when the government makes you heave when you think about them they gotta fucking go."

Most elections focus on the 15% or so that move from party to party for one reason or another. The focus here is on people voting NDP for the first time ever and are they ever proud to be doing so. And they are volunteering their time and money too. Bible Bill Aberhart is rolling in his grave.

The Conservative party still has its hard core followers, as do the Wild Rose and there is still far too many undecideds on the ground for my liking but the momentum is all for Notley and her crew and that momentum appears to still be increasing as Election Day fast approaches.

If what looks like might happen happens it is going to be the biggest political story in Alberta's history and perhaps the biggest political story in Canadian history. And the party afterwards is going to be epic. And I get to be here for it.

Life is good here in Alberta, motherfuckers.


G West said...

Jesus Beer, that's good to hear - I've been worrying about the polls and what happened in BC in 3013 and wondering if it could be the same deal in AB. Tend to trust your reporting a lot more than the stuff I get everywhere else.

chuckstraight said...

Fingers Crossed for E Day- I hope Christy Clark has to congratulate Rachel Notley on her win.