27 January 2015

Faster and Louder

Had this old amplifier sitting around for decades. Hitachi, once a trusted Jap brand. Decided I might as well make use of it and an old Sansui turntable that had been sitting around for just about as long so I went to the store to buy some speakers so I could hook all the shit up in my office.

Too motherfucking much! Is what I thought to myself when the salesman told me how much the ones I like would set me back.

Bought a pair of used ones instead. Toshibas from 1977. Weigh fucking near 50 pounds each. Got them reconditioned. Lovely sounding they are. Cost me a third of what I would have paid for a new set.

Once everything was hooked up I realized the amplifier and turntable had to go. Found a used amp. Technics from 1997. 100 watts a channel and it is laser disc compatible! (Shows how fast shit changes these days.) Got a new turntable. Audio Technica.

Found a cd player for ten bucks. A twin cassette player/recorder for the same.

Never had two stereos before. I felt richer than the old cocksucker who owns Wal-Mart when I turned it all on and watched it light up like an airport runway.

My office is now louder than the Smiling Buddha ever was. All for about the same amount it costs me to drive by my local auto mechanic.

First record I played was The Who's "I Can See For Miles." The record, one of my oldest, once played on my parent's old console, quarter keeping the stylus in the groove, in my spidery rock 'n' roll basement bedroom.

Sweden's The Rude Kids were right. Punk will never die! Never die! Never die!


motorcycleguy said...

not sure if you allow advertising, but Vancouver Audio Speaker Clinic back in the old neighbourhood of Main and Broadway is a really cool, eccentric place to get speakers fixed...they got parts and fixed 3 different pairs of vintage units for me....always lots of interesting customers and musicians crammed in the little place

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

That is where I took the speakers to get fixed up. They did a great job on what were a difficult and never before seen (Japanese market) pair to work on. The shop was very much as you describe and an unusually satisfying customer experience. Good parking too.