29 January 2015

Anarchy In the USA

Thought I would watch the news from Seattle. People, it would seem, are pretty fucking stoked about their football team's chances on Sunday. The only stories not related to football to make the broadcast concerned police brutality (a long fought Anarchist cause Americans have grown mighty fond of), chemical spills and the lack of snow in the mountains.

One of the football related stories caught this old Anarchist's attention. A marijuana business down there is cashing in on Shithawk fever by selling 12 packs of joints. Cannot roll the motherfuckers fast enough.

This contrasts strikingly with Canada where you would think an Iranian mullah has been Prime Minister for the past several years.

We really have to kick out the Tories. Fuckers do not even have one foot in the 21st Century when we need leadership from the streets, the shop floor, the boardrooms and, yes, the fucking government with two feet planted in the right fucking here in the right fucking now.


Danneau said...

HarperCons have both feet firmly planted in the 21st century, all right, continuing the "progress" instituted by Saint Ronnie beginning in 1980 (following the baby steps of Richard Mulhouse Tricky Dick). The path of enlightenment was never very straight or continuous, sad to say. Your strain of MF is, alas, all too rare, and the comfortable blobs are legion, too comfortable behind their quasi-impenetrable membranes of consumer joy to realize that they are actively contributing to their own demise. I don't smoke anything, but I have to wonder about someone who would require a high-tech enterprise to roll a doozie.

Anonymous said...

Defiance, gotta' luv it ... the first ten minutes or so were especially good...