26 January 2015

Jerry Lee Lewis Sells His FLH

Caught a wee bit of Jerry Lee Lewis' appearance at a  car auction tv show on the weekend. His '59 FLH, given to him by the factory and rode, soberly I am sure, a good many miles was going under the gavel.

Sang "Great Balls of Fire" in a white trash jacket. Voice sounded like it was coming from a distant, well heated corner of the afterlife. Can still play the piano like a fucking champ. Made me feel happy to see and hear him what with all the other much younger rock 'n' rollers dropping dead on a near daily basis.

Keep on rocking you old hillbilly motherfucker.

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motorcycleguy said...

'59 pan $350,000....luckily this leaves me 23 years to learn how to play the piano, have a profound influence on rock 'n roll history (minus the hillbilly stuff)and put on a show at age 80ish... before they auction off my '82 FLH shovel