11 December 2014

On the Death of Jean Beliveau

Phoned my dad.

"Guess you're still sad?" I asked him once we had traded thoughts on the weather.

"Sad?" he asked back. "What the fuck for?"

"Jean Beliveau died. That's what the fuck for," I said as a fisherman casts a fly into sure waters.

"Fuck Jean Beliveau! Fuck his fucking hockey team! Fuck his fucking province and fuck his widow too! Beliveau! The fucking cocksucker!"

My dad never was a big fan of the Canadiens.

Me neither.

Fuck you Jean Beliveau! And fuck your pigfuck of a church too!  


TheFog said...

As a lifetime Habs fan...that one hurts!Bigger than that is trashing an icon of Canada's game and a true gentleman. Heard many people say over the last few days that you didn't have to be a Canadiens fan (or a fan of the church for that matter) to be a fan of Jean Beliveau. Have a look at some of the asshole athletes of today making millions, beating their wives, and thinking they are above the law and their fans. Suck back and reload, Beer!!!

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

My dad and I would find it impossible to find a single good word to say about Jean Beliveau if he invented something better drink watching hockey than beer. Everybody making him out to be Mother Teresa on skates sets off my bullshit detector. He was a bloody Hab!