14 December 2014

Christmas Greetings From Brian Goble's Phantom Zone

I ought to have included Wimpy's songwriting ability in the list of attributes, when of necessity, I noted his death the other day. It was, after all, his greatest creative attribute of many.

I was even thinking of one of his songs in the days before he died. The song, from DOA's under rated KISS tribute "Let's Wreck the Party," was "Trial By Media." The song had bubbled to the surface of my consciousness because of the ongoing trial by media presently prosecuting Bill Cosby. I do not know shit about Cosby but I know quite a lot about the media. The Fifth Estate, or what little remains of it, are the scum of the motherfucking Earth. They have no fucking business trying anybody in public these days. Perhaps it is a case of the lowest of the low thinking they have found somebody beneath their own maggot like existence to pester into the grave.

My favourite Wimpy song can be found on what I have long considered to be DOA's high water mark - "13 Flavours of Doom." No record collection should be without it. The song is "Phantom Zone" - easily the closest DOA ever got to emulating their forebears Black Sabbath. High praise from this old rock 'n' roll motherfucker.

Hail Satan!

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