3 September 2014

Humble Pie's Heavy Metal Soul

I have previously in this space extolled the virtues of Humble Pie. Rock 'n' roll superstars they were. Long fucking time ago. Back when I thought the only thing you needed to change the world for the better was a match.

Their "Rockin' the Fillmore" double live album has found itself spinning on every record player I have ever owned. Something of a high water mark for English music it is. Heavy metal soul.

Never figured the record to be expanded upon. But the two surviving members of the band who performed on the nights the record was recorded, Peter Frampton and Jerry Shirley, have gone ahead and released the four shows which, once culled, became the record I love.

Four "Rockin' the Fillmore" records. I got my copy on cd. Paid about ten times what I paid for the original record. Worth every penny.

Get out there, buy it, and rock on, motherfuckers.


ib said...

Was playing Small Faces before I alighted here. And, despite numerous ribbings, still have something of a sweet tooth where Peter Frampton is concerned.

Steve Marriott can not be overestimated. JR, either, Roadrunner, Roadrunner.

Anonymous said...

Stagger home from the Park Hotel in Red Deer, Alberta ... spark up some inspiration ... kuh chisssssssh ... drop needle on Rockin' The Filmore ... 11 on the volume ... it has never gotten any better