31 August 2014

Roadrunner Once...

Hunky and Kitty were over last night. Harvest meal. Fresh salmon from the sea. Green salad fresh as an East End single mom roller derby recruit. Scalloped redskin potatoes dug from black Fraser Valley earth. Jubilee corn still glowing with the seemingly endless summer sun. Bumbleberry pie warm from the oven.

Ate like the motherfucking Royal Family we did.

Afterward, having gained the courage many glasses of DOA ale provides, Kitty chided me about how I still have a cassette deck as part of my home entertainment system. "For someone who loves the modern world as much as Jonathan Richman does you sure are an old fashioned motherfucker."

"There's another three in the house besides that one. One in my office, one in the man cave, one in the fucking garage. Jonathan Richman, who knows a thing or two about the modern world, does not own a cell phone. The homeless and Jonathan Richman are the only free people left on the planet."


motorcycleguy said...

yeah, can't believe the old cassettes still play after all those hot summers sliding around on the dash of the old brown van...alas, looks like I never recorded Roadrunner

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Guess I still like cassettes because up until five years ago I still had one in my car. The deck in my living room I bought new. The rest were purchased for sweet fuck all.

I do appreciate everybody who gives cassettes away to charity or sells them at the swap meet for a dime. Just this week I purchased a couple Emmy Lous not in my collection; couple more Jerry Lees I will listen to until I die; and a lovely live set from Roy Orbison for next to nothing. All play like they were brand new.

Richman's "Roadrunner" reminds me of summer's dog days. Life would be poorer without it.