20 July 2014

Bye, Bye Johnny Winter

Weekend began like most do at home.
Let the dog out.
Put some music on.

Johnny Winter's
"True To the Blues" and
"Hey, Where's your Brother?"
Filled my digital music player.

Every week
It seems
An old rock 'n' roller

Fucking death: another dirty ass
Rock 'n' roll motherfucker gone.


Danneau said...

Dave Marsh did a great piece on Winter over at Counterpunch.org. Interesting that Rick Derringer's wife was the one to report the death, Rick and Johnny having done some things together over the years.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Thanks for the heads up the article. I never got why people chose the needle until I encountered Sister Morphine in the hospital. I understood right away what sort of inner pain heroin was called on to block. Happy I never had to go that far, except in the hospital.

Danneau said...

Elvin Bishop gets to the heart of the matter towards the end of this little ditty: