22 July 2014

Upgrade Anyone?

The world's technology happy capitalists are not sure about much but they are sure, sure as green shit comes out of the back end of a Canada goose, about one thing: they, by golly, know what the fuck they are doing.

Yeah, right.

Twice in the last week Dope City's computer guided driverless commuter train network, the very system our technology happy capitalists insisted we buy, expand and "upgrade" over the past three decades, has shut down due to computer failure. Hundreds of thousands of workers in a rush to get home so they can smoke a joint and have a beer have been stranded on both occasions.

Upgrade. That is an often used word by technology happy capitalists. Like most words such people use it means the opposite of what you might expect. It means fuck you so hard you will never forget it.

As usual, I do not know why people do not take to the streets when they get fucked over like this. Remember when people had balls?

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