18 July 2014

A Friend of the Hammer

The Hammer has friends. Dog friends. Some from the neighbourhood, some from the trails. Some of her friends are big, some of her friends are small. She prefers her small friends. The ones that sometimes sport bows on their collars and smell of perfume when they are fresh home from a visit to the poodle parlour.

One of her bowed wee smelly friends is in for surgery today. I am pulling for her to make it.

The Hammer does not understand sickness and death like you and I. Most dogs understand the present. Smart dogs know when the weekend is coming. They learn this by watching their master's drinking habits.

1 comment:

RossK said...

The whackadoodle knows the weekend is here based on my morning bathroom habits.

If I sit in there reading (or typing) for a spell she knows I will not be going to work and she, instead, will likely be going to the place where river meets the beach.

Time to get her leash.

(We, too, are pulling the Hammer's wee friend)