4 April 2014

Thank You Dave Gregg

One fuck of a long time ago the guys from DOA did me a great favour. I first approached Ken, their manager, who I tracked down in a cozy greasy spoon not far from their East Georgia headquarters. He was sitting with a blonde punkette (love that word) who is probably long dead now. I wanted the band to perform "General Strike" on the labour affairs radio show I was helping out with. It was a go.

We would sort out the details soon enough. I was clear on one detail straight away however. The band did not need to haul all their electric gear up the three long twisting flights of stairs to the studio. None of the members (or ex-members) of DOA had died yet. I did not want to be the motherfucker to knock over the first of those many dominoes.

When show time approached Joe and Dave brought their acoustic guitars, Dim his bongos, Brian his bass and a practice amp. If I had been thinking I would have provided him one of those fat ass Mexican acoustic bass guitars. Once we had tested the sound levels and such off air we had some time to bullshit. All I remember of it, nearly three decades later, was the gist of my conversation with Dave. He was working for positive change for our world in the cultural arena. I was doing so by trying to keep my class organized. We were both on the same side, motherfuckers.

If you have not done so yet you better decide which you are on. If you are on the same side Dave and I chose, we need all the fucking help we can get.

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