1 April 2014

In Which I Dream of A Tasteless Movie and Turn It Into A Fucking Near Epic Poem

- dedicated to Dave Gregg, killed by death in Punk Rock, British Columbia -

The missing plane
Sure has commanded
People's imaginations.
The saga
Ought to be captured
At some future date
By a film festival
Only of
Different takes
On the same
As yet unfinished story.

What is known,
Becomes known and
Will never be known
About that
Fucking plane makes
For quite the palette.
The film adaptation
Of this remarkably
True story
I am waiting for
Will feature
The plane
Being levitated

By aliens
To a distant galaxy
Where all the passengers
Will be anal probed
By some outer space
"What more could
You ask from a movie?"
 I asked myself
In the dream
In which
The Missing Plane Film Festival
Revealed itself to me.

"Load of Chinese and
Two cocksucking Iranians
On stolen passports
Getting the old
Space alien anal probe."
Motherfucker had Oscar
Written all over it
I appeared
In my own dream
Next in line
For an exploratory probing.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Beer,

Well I loved most of this poem, or maybe it's a song. I think it should be a song!

I've gotten tired of that mysterious lost plane too, which I don't think they will ever find a trace of. That has to be a commentary on something, but I don't know what....


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I am thinking of expanding it into an opera.