28 April 2014

Proud of My Local Police As Ever

Seen the footage of the Steepleton police taking down the crazy fucker on one of my city's crazier than you would think streets? Eight of the motherfuckers to take down one guy. The Jews had a better chance in Belsen. I doubt there was another officer on duty in the whole city at the time. That is the way my city is. One fucking crime and the whole detachment is on it like beans on toast.

Pretty easy to see how preventing homelessness is cheaper than encouraging it the way our fucking government and their 1% people hating backers do now. That is eight cops who had to take the time to show up, get their stories straight, file reports, get de-briefed, etc, etc, etc. Some of them probably got so sick after the event from stress they had to go on sick benefits.

We all pay when we make a minority pay by not keeping them off the streets and nothing is going to change until more of us start giving a shit and begin expressing ourselves and demanding action on homelessness not just more fucking empty talk.

Give a shit. It is contagious as fuck.


Bill said...

The police mob-flash looked way over the top. A too common and very unnecessary take down. It would be useful if the sensational tv footage were to have been followed up with more - who, what, when, why and what next info on this incident.

Also, I appreciate your "like beans on toast" phrase in context here too. Unrelated and out of ??? - I got bloodsucking ticks on parasitic BC Liberals and/or parasitic ticks and bloodsucking BC Liberals. Don't know where that came from, must be reading too many of these blogs.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

There was some background to the story provided in our local newspaper. Our most prominent homeless advocate came to the defence of the the man taken down by half our police force. Said every cop in town was familiar enough with the man to know he was a non-threat.

The police here once had a reputation for excessive force. They had sorted themselves out for quite a while but like all such police improvements to police morality it has gone south and is likely to get much worse before it becomes new and improved yet again. That is the way government works: temporary improvements dotting a downhill slide of epic proportion.

Beans on toast is one of my favourite foods. Such imagery I can conjure up on occasion is rarely born far from home.

JustFrankie said...

Hey Beer,

No Derby post this year.

Very out of the ordinary

Hope you're in Mexico or some other crazy place and not too busy at the sawmill

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Unbeerlike? Guess the field in this year's Derby failed to get my blood going. The slow time of the race underscored that feeling. I thought one of a few horses would wear down the winner in the stretch. I did not lose too much for being wrong about the Derby as usual.