7 May 2014

On the Recent Sawmill Murders In Nanaimo

"I'm going to kill that motherfucker."

If I had an hundred bucks for every time I heard someone around the fucking sawmill say that about somebody not in the union I could just about afford to buy a waterfront house in Dope City.

If 1% of the people I have heard thinking out loud about how much they would love to kill some management motherfucker or other had followed through on their desire the forest industry would have as much luck filling its supervisory ranks as the Afghan education system does finding men willing to teach girls the alphabet.

That the double management shooting which took place in Nanaimo recently was a rare event speaks to the level-headedness of my brothers. No other work force, except maybe Detroit's auto industry, has put up with so much motherfucking shit in the last quarter century. Even so, we who are left keep punching the fucking clock, not the fucking foreman.

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