26 April 2014

Lachman Was Right To Fire Jimi Hendrix

I have been alive for quite some time and I have been paying close attention to shit the whole fucking time. By doing so I have sorted out just about all the great mysteries we are presented with on this temporary planet of ours.

God is dead, motherfuckers.

One of the mysteries I have long had trouble solving was answered for me this past weekend. How could Lachman fire Jimi Hendrix from his gig at the Smilin' Buddha Cabaret in the days before Jimi became a superstar? The answer came in the form of a live recording of Hendrix's called "High, Live 'n' Dirty." My copy was released by Nutmeg Records. Various other swindling labels have issued the record under other titles over the years but it had never passed under my nose.

Until now.

What a motherfucking racket. Could not even listen to the thing the whole way through the first time I tried. If that is what Hendrix sounded like at the Buddha the night Lachman told him to get off the stage and not come back I would have fired him too.

Fucking punk!

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