15 March 2014

Losers In A Lost Land

Just about everybody around the sawmill has an opinion about why the Canucks are not going to win the Stanley Cup again this year. As if.

"It's the fucking coach."

"It's that cocksucker Gillis."

"It's the motherfucking owner."

And the ever popular, "There's too many fucking Swedes on the team." That is my favourite angle: blame the commie motherfuckers who just came second to Canada in the just concluded Olympics.

Not really.

When the Canucks brought in the new coach, a coach with a reputation for bringing along young teams, I assumed they would move out as many guys over the age of about 25 as they could, as fast as they could, to give the new coach something to work with and get them as high a draft position as possible in the next few drafts. Instead they waited all year to get around to that and only completed half the job, if that.

Pardon the tautology but the team is not as good as it was a few years ago because it is not as good as it was a few years ago. Everything is temporary except the Canucks not winning the Stanley Cup.

Not in this motherfucker's lifetime.


Anonymous said...

The twins played better early in the season before they got their new contract......I hear rumours that the team won't play for Torts because he yells at them, fuck the Canucks would've made mother Teresa cuss a blue streak...anyway, the GM should be the first to go.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Dope City has never suffered from a shortage of rumours about its fucking hockey team. You would think the city was a small town in Alberta with its freckled, frostbitten, shotgun loving boys going home to their talkative mothers and telling them, "The coach called us a bunch of cocksucking maggots today."

Anonymous said...

There's usually some truth to every rumour....regardless the GM is a total fuckup, he built this mess. Unfortunately the coach will be the first to get the hook.