5 February 2014

New Rich Hope Record

I have not seen it all though some people might think I have after they had a look at me. I have, however, seen plenty. That is what happens when you do not spend your whole motherfucking life staring at a smartphone, motherfuckers.

The things in life I regret not seeing are mainly musical in nature. Never got to see Marc Bolan, Patti Smith (inexcusable that one is, did get to see her guitar player Lenny Kaye) or Rich Hope.

Some of you may well ask, "Who the fuck is Rich Hope?" Just some country singer boy from Dope City. Only reason I have not caught his act, which I have heard is good as cold beer in a mosque, is nobody I know likes country music. You see, I am from the Golden Age of Rock 'n' Roll. Lot of people from that time consider country to be music enjoyed only by bumfucking hillbillies.Fact is, that opinion is not that far from the truth. But who would have guessed we would be living in a bumfucking hillbilly world in 2014?

Hope and his band even played a pub not all that far from where I live. "Lot of deep ditches between that pub and our house," is what Sonja said when I told her we might go out to see some country music and have a little scuff. If it had been a rock 'n' roll band I was talking about she would not have given an aeronautical fuck about those ditches.

Last weekend I saw a 45 rpm record Hope has recently put out at a record shop on The Drive. Guess 45 rpm records must still be big with the bumfucking hillbilly set. Guess you could say I know 45 rpm records are still popular with bumfucking hillbillies because I bought it. $6. Even has a picture sleeve of Hope and his bumfucking hillbilly bandmates on both sides of it.

Sounds real good it does. Better than any living country artist I can think of at the moment and better than most of the dead ones too. I hope you motherfuckers are going to buy it.

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