2 February 2014

DCFP Fearless Super Bowl Prediction

Cannot see the Shithawks dropping this one to the Broncs. Always pick the winner of such contests by measuring up the team defences and this time around, clearly, Denver does not measure up. I say Seattle by ten points or so in a game where both teams score about forty-four. 27-17 sounds about right.

Assuming the resurgence of cold weather in Dope City does not cause any problems with the racing surface at Loverdale Raceway I will take in the first quarter or two of the game watching the standardbreds pace from my seat high above the finish line. The boys should be higher than fucking kites by the time I join them for half time dinner.

As for the halftime entertainment. Bruno Mars may as well be from the planet I would make Gordon Campbell Canada's first permanent ambassador to if my name was Justin Trudeau, the motherfucker I would also like today to predict will soon be the next Prime Minister of my home and native land.

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