31 January 2014

Guns of Bridgeview

I shot a man in Bridgeview
Just to drink his beer

- Mr. Beer N. Hockey

I have not minded getting older. It is alright. Decay has long held great appeal for me. Things decay fast here in Dope City. Decay faster than the speed of life. It is the rain.

There is but one aspect of getting older I could live without. I have begun getting boils. Great motherfucking festering boils all over my body.

They make me puke.

Describing my boils as being located all over my body is not quite correct. They have yet to find their way to my ass or my man parts yet. I have that to look forward to as I creep like an iguana to Death.

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Anonymous said...


"...History boils over there's an economics freeze..."

Have a nice weekend ;-0