29 January 2014

Transit Funding For Dummies

Anybody tired of listening to people talk about how the fuck we are going fund better rapid transit and transportation infrastructure generally? Not me. I could talk about that shit all fucking day.

Down here at the Dope City Free Press Solution Factory we have our own ideas, as you may have suspected. So here goes.

1. Sell beer on the buses and trains.

2. Legalize marijuana.

That should do it.

If we still need more money legalize everything else. For instance I would suggest a fee of $25,000,000 per murder. And make the fee retroactive so the motherfuckers who killed my brothers up in Burns Lake last winter can get the transit money ball rolling.


Danneau said...

Making the solution fit the problem. Who knew?

Beer Hockey said...

Given our present circumstances we have no option but to demand the impossible.