26 January 2014

Telethon Blues

There are few things Sonja and I have done since we were children that we have kept on doing. We did one of them last night. We watched the first several hours of our marijuana loving province's sick children's telethon.

Its opening moments were somewhat of a letdown compared to last year's edition. No Gene Simmons and his Playboy bunny old lady. Pretty hard to be playing between periods at a hockey game in California and be talking people into emptying their wallets for sick children at the same time.

In years gone by all the entertainment was local. Anybody who would like to volunteer could get up on stage and do their thing. It was pretty cool. People in British Columbia like to think they are talented as fuck. We are not. Our only talent, as is well known across the universe, is Stanley Cup hockey riots. Now we get piped in talent. Mostly entertainers who ought to have found themselves a day job many years ago.

Night began with a Barbara Streisand tribute. Barbara can still sing. Everybody else? Not really. Diana Krall even seems to have lost her voice. Musicians never seem to lose their chops however. Jeff Beck, for instance, put a big smile on my face with his effortless blues guitar. I have been listening appreciatively to the old boy for over 40 years.

Next up was Elton John. He is still a better performer than our fucking Prime Minister but I cannot think of anyone else he compares favourably with. Ok, maybe Bryan Adams. Nice sparkly jackets though.

We coughed up some money for the sick children anyhow. A day's pay. I suggest you do the same, motherfuckers.


Ray Blessin said...

I would really like to see that girl turn around.
If, in fact, that IS a girl! Otherwise . . . forget it.

Beer Hockey said...

Iggy would love your comment Ray - until "forget it."