16 January 2014

Nothing to See Here Folks, Move Along

Quite often when Sonja and I are watching the news on television we agree that what the talking heads are reporting to us is not news. Bullshit maybe but not news.

Most recently news of the corporate interests not being held responsible for the sawmill fire deaths in Burns Lake received just such a response from us. No one I know of was expecting the boss to take a fall up there. The expected is not news. And this announcement was every bit as expected as the rising sun. What it is is rubbing salt in a wound.

Soon the same result will be announced about the other 250 sawmill fire that followed soon after the Black Day In Burns Lake. People will be pissed off (again) but within the week the story will be forgotten by everybody except people who remain, in the face of a culture ever ready to bend over and spread them for any and all capitalist excess.

Never Forget - the boss is a killer.


Danneau said...

As usual, the right words. Fits right in with PRP's musings on Canada Post and Owen Gray's discussion of the Nadon appointment to the Supremes. Too bad: life could be so good for so many...

Anonymous said...

"The way the state responds to safety crimes shapes the way those crimes are tolerated from the boardroom to the workplace." - Steve Toombs and Dave Whyte (2007)