14 January 2014


Bought an old cd by a band called Bloodshed. Boys looked cooler than the Chicoutimi Cucumber on the black and white cover. Sort of like Eater did in '76. Sounded ok too. The usual thrash and holler one associates with punk rockers with a dash of melodiousness thrown in for the chicks.

Took the information sheet out of the cd yesterday. First the band, then each band member individually, thanks Jesus Fucking Christ for making them good little Christian punk rockers.

It is in the garbage now.

Asshole Jesus Christ thankers.


thefog said...

Amen Brother!

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

One of the best things about hockey, roller derby and lacrosse is the lack Jesus Freaks in those forms of entertainment.

Anonymous said...

By the way Beer the new photo on the top of your page is awesome.

Just the thing to remind you that inside is nothing but dangerous machinery, a shitload of timber and some scary guys who deal with it all day every day.


- Jonku

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I like the photo too. Reminds me of the old Iggy Pop lyric, "Life of work/Early in the morning."

Anonymous said...

Back in the day we hosted a HC band out of SF, great HardCore and an incredible love for Jesus. We didn't realize Jesus loved punk chicks so much.