13 January 2014

Big Puddle

All my life this time of the year, year after motherfucking year, is much the same. Not much going on. I like it that way after the necessary excess which attends each year end. Not like I have three candle ends to burn.

Back to work, back to the big as cats sawmill rat race.

Today was like that. Nothing to note. Took the Hammer for a walk. Loose dog came visit us on the trail. We like that. Friendly giant golden Labrador.

Stopped at a couple stores on the way home. Stopped once more with the dog to give her a final runaround before the dim light of day turned dark. The Hammer found a puddle of vomit. Puddle of vomit so fucking big I had to ask myself, "That can't be fucking vomit, can it?" as my dog lick, lick, lick, licked it up.

She ate dinner late tonight.

Real late.


Anonymous said...

Hello Beer,

Was there any blowback from the mill or the local on the botched WorkSafeBC investigation? Your thoughts??

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

WorkSafeBC circle jerk you mean? My old buddies the 4-Skins put it best I am afraid: "One law for them/One law for us." Nobody in my mill, or anybody else's, expected a different result from toady WorkSafe. They are motherfucking useless. I have no doubt the union will go the private prosecution route again as happened with the corporate murder of a worker down here on the coast a few years back. The end result, the bosses walking free, may be no different but we have to keep fighting the boss' privilege to kill people on the job and keep getting away with it time after time after time...until things change - and something better change.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is way beyond being a shame now, worksafe really needs to cut the insurance end of it off, it's like a cancer being attached to the "enforcement" side which really is more "compliance" than enforcement.

The so called "historic agreement" needs a tune-up at least.