17 January 2014

Let's Kick Out the Tories

Sometimes when I am out of the country shit happens and I do not hear about it until well after the fact. Never used to be that way. I was once a news junkie. Not any more. Could not be bothered to pitchfork the pile of dead babies that is the news in search of a live one.

Just found out the assholes in Ottawa want to stop delivering mail to my house. Do not remember that being part of their fucking election platform.

The assholes in Ottawa are really starting to piss me off. First the cunts steal two years of my pension from me. I do not expect to live to be an old motherfucker so those two years of pension they stole might be the only two years of pension I have coming. I was planning on spending every penny of it on beer.

Then when I am away in Mexico getting shitfaced the motherfuckers take away my mail carrier. I have had a mail carrier coming to my house since I was born. They are a part of my god damn neighbourhood. Come to think of it they are the most reliable part of my neighbourhood. The cops do not do shit. The garbage man lets my cans roll in the street once he is gone. The newspaper people bring me nothing but shit.

We have to kick out the Tory motherfuckers. Kick them out on their do not give a fuck about Canada asses.


sassy said...

Welcome to the growing group of Canadians Sir Beer & Hockey.

There'll be dancing in the street when we give them the boot :)

Anonymous said...

Libs Cons don't matter since confederation they've left their scars on the populace here.

In order of most pungent...Worst case scenario, another tory win. Second worst scenario Lib/Con coalition. Third worst scenario Lib/NDP coalition.

Best chance to SOS massive electoral reform including but certainly not limited to; massive oversight of lobbyists, conflict enforcement and punishment,fundraising, and a tightening of the screws on registered political special interest groups, ooops I mean political parties.