21 January 2014

First Aid Report

I am out of the mill again. Time for my first aid re-certification. Two glorious weeks of it. According to the fucking government first aid attendants only need re-certification every three years now. Assholes. Will not be long before the greedy do not give a shit capitalists of my province talk their toady government into making a first aid ticket good for life like lumber grading tickets are.

As usual it is a real good group of people in the class. Half a dozen I know from previous training. We are the beer crew. Be damned if we are going study at night when there is beer to be drunk and gore stories to be told.

Couple of the fresh meat out for a new ticket are young women. Young women who like to flash tittie and as much female plumber butt permitted by law.

It is going to be a great two weeks.


Anonymous said...

Have held and paid for that ticket since the mid 90's and I am due to re-new it after my first 3 year "holiday" this summer. I have promised myself not to renew ever again, and yes the watering down of it has been a gradual lobbying effort from the employers, who else would WorkSafeBC listen too?

Example: Review boards and WCAT stacked with those from the employee advisors group, workers advisory group not so much...

Beer Hockey said...

There is nothing wrong with WorkSafeBC a firing squad would not fix.