20 January 2014

Celebration Day Dance

My cable provider (who makes up phrases like that to describe the parasites who overcharge us for access to one of the most addictive products on Earth?) has been offering Led Zeppelin's "Celebration Day" concert for a bit now. Last night Sonja and I finally gave in and ponied up the $5.99 to watch it.

Great fucking show. Took me back to my junior high school dances. Dancing real close with the objects of my teenage affections while a cover band played "Stairway To Heaven" (every cover band at every dance played the song) before reluctantly breaking off to boogie for the heavy metal half of the song. Going to have to buy the recording of the concert I guess.

Now for the fee. How the fuck could we possibly have got our money's worth by paying six bucks for a digital signal? Two bucks would be more like it.


Ray Blessin said...

Look at the guy behind 'happy girl' - staring at the pointy bra. That woulda been me back in the 50s.

Beer Hockey said...

Pretty easy to see how rock 'n' roll captured the imagination of of boys who hitherto had danced, if they danced at all, to something other than rock 'n' roll.