22 January 2014

Gore Story

One of the fresh meat, young woman no more than 25, in my first aid class shared her best gore story with us at lunch today. Can think of few better, if any. She told her story once she figured her's topped everything else she had heard and was likely to hear.

"I was on vacation with my family one summer when I was still learning how to swim. My dad was teaching me. I was learning to do other stuff than dog paddle and aways away from my dad when a boat backed in towards the dock to pick some people up. Guess my dad was paying more attention to me than the boat because pretty soon he was screaming and there was blood in the water everywhere.

"Boat's propeller had cut off all his man shit. If the boat had not been skippered by an off duty fireman he probably would have died right there. Fireman hauled him onto the boat, jammed some towels into my dad's crotch, phoned the ambulance and sped off to the far end of the lake to meet them because he knew my dad would get to the hospital faster that way.

"My dad lived. We call him mom now though."

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