19 October 2013

Television Personalities

Some of my life's influences are readily identified: Godwin, Woodworth, Winstanley, Rocker, Woodcock and Orwell for example. All these men, and it is men, not women, who have influenced me to the greatest degree, and a handful of others, have made me the man I am. Notably, none of them were born in Canada. All Canada's great men are motherfucking hockey players.

But what of the less obvious influences on my life? Popeye, Bugs Bunny and the eldest Brady boy to name three.

I hope it was both history's and my own era's great thinkers and activists who played the greater role in helping me find my way to this shitfuck century. But would I be a lesser man if it were the wisdom of Popeye, Bugs and Greg who made me what I am today?  

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